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What Makes a Good Barn?

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 We have a very large and unusual 46’ x 110’ barn frame available, but not documented or photographed extensively yet. More details on this one will be coming soon. We also sell many barn frames before we can get them uploaded onto our website, so if you know roughly what size barn you are looking for and what you plant to use it for I can send you information on any barns that come available before they get onto the website. This is a great way to find the perfect barn for you!

We leave the sold barns in and showing so you can see the very high quality, variety and highest possible standards we use in picking out our barn frames for sale.

Buyers of our barn frames receive a 20% discount on all our antique flooring, siding and other materials for the barn!!!


Pricing of our barn frames - pricing of frames is more complicated than most folks realize. Like buying a used car, there are many hidden issues that determine the real value of what you purchased. Read more...















30’ X 52’


Stony Creek 2 barn-  30'x 52' Swing beam barn., from up near Hamilton Ontario. 

~Side walls are 17' 8" +/- including rafter plate. Very high side walls for a barn.

~Posts range from 11"x 12" to 12"x 13"  +/- hand hewn white pine. Pretty much as large as they get.

~Tie beams are predominately 10"x 12" with a few larger (12"x 13" and one 12"x 14")

~Rafter plates are 9"x 11"  +/- one piece

~Girts are 7"x 9" and 8"x 10" +/-

~Swing beam - 14"x 15" high  at posts and tapers up to 14"x 22" high  in center (exceptionally large)

~Hand Hewn Pine major timbers

We get a lot of really great barn frames from that area and this is one of them.


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40’ X 60’


12"x12" +/- posts and 11"x 13" +/- tie beams

High side wallsĀ  18' plus rafter plate (9") (exceptionally high)

9"x 12" rafter plate

Canted purlin system with 8"x 9" to 8"x 10" purlin (exceptional large for purlin.

6 original log joist between tie beams in middle drive in bay.

2 original barn ladders with 2 sets of double knee braces

Double Ā 5"x 6" girts on long walls

Heavy 3"x Ā 6" pine rafters @ 3' centers'

Abundance of knee braces (wind bracing) that engineers like.

Hand hewn pine major timbers and sawn girts and knee braces

Beautiful color in pristine condition.

21' swing beam option (see drawings)

Many possible uses.

Very heavily timbered, 3 bay large superior barn frame in excellent condition.

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14’ X 18’


14'x18' charming timber frame shed

1 1/2 story.

8"x8" hand hewn timbers

10' side walls

Pole rafters


Option to reuse existing tin roof and siding

Make a beautiful art studio, guest house, garden shed etc


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20’ X 36’


Heavily  timbered smaller barn, with exceptional nice existing 2nd floor joist  system. Big enough for the core of a reasonably large but modest  barn  home conversion.  9"x 10 to 11" +/- Hand hewn posts beams. Large hand  hewn top and bottom floor joist (sleepers) for 2nd fl.  15'6" high side  walls for plenty of space for 2nd floor. Click here for more details

Excellent Condition

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30’ x 40’

White Pine and Hemlock Sawn Timbers

 It is 3 bay barn predominantly white pine and hemlock sawn timbers. which tends to be little dresser and perhaps more finished  than a hewn  frame but still very colonial and rustic looking and a very stunning  smaller frame.It is in mint condition.  The main posts are approx. 9"x9" which is a  nice meaty post for a barn this size. The purlin and rafter plates are  one piece and 40' long.  The side walls are very high -- 17' plus which  gives plenty of room for a second floor. It also has a purlin system to help support the roof and also adds a great looking feature to the  upper area of the barn space. Many barns 30' wide do not have purlin  systems. It  has a complete 2nd floor joist system with floor joist  timbers mortised into center beams (tie beams) . You could leave 1 or 2  bays open to roof (cathedral ceiling) and still have room for a large  open loft or other private rooms.

 More information coming in soon.

Mint Condition!

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35’ X 50’

Hand Hewn Pine

35'x 50'

The posts of the Paris Barn are 10"x10", and the tie beams are a full 10"x12" which is also excellent..

Posts are 17' long and with 10"  rafter plate total side wall height is  approx. 17' 9", very tall and great for 2nd floor and loft plan  layouts. 

It is a 3-bay barn, 18', 12' middle bay, and 20' third bay.

It is in Pristine Condition. As good as they come!

Very nice layout for 2nd floors or partial lofts in either end and a catwalk connecting them. 

It also has a great purlin system to help with roof engineering and they have great visual appeal.

We also have a swing beam long enough to put in this barn as well which will make it even more stunning.

Overall it is a great barn for conversion purposes and would make a very good  starting point for a recreation/family/party barn.

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30’ X 54’

Hand Hewn Pine

14"x  22" Swing beam barn with 12"x 14" swing beam bent posts

All hand hewn pine, 12"x 12" posts

10"x 12" - 12"x 12" tie beams

Very High side walls  17'8"

Stunning barn frame

Excellent Condition!

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36’ X 60’


36'x 60' with very  high side walls (17'6" +/-) that has a canted purlin  system and a 16" swing beam,  large posts and beams ( 10"x10" posts andĀ  10"x 12" tie beams) All hand hewn and in excellent condition.  Click here for more details.


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25.5’ X 48’


Click here for Before and after photos


25.5' x48' x16.5' post + 10ish plate;
All hemlock with basswood plates;
Full 10x10 ties and posts;
Double ties in 3 bents and the 4th bent has a single tie (upper);
84" under lower ties;
Bays are, 16' inc 2 posts/ 12' door opening/ 20' inc 2 posts

Very nice smaller frame with good height under tie beams. Timbers are very well sized for a frame this small. We have a swing beam we could also add.

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30'x 46'2"

White Pine and Hemlock

30'x 46'2" footprint.

16' 6" side walls without plinth blocks. Excellent height even without plinth blocks. 

Main posts 10"x12" +/-. 

.Tie Beams 10"x 11" to 10" x 12". Also great size. Double tie beams on  each bent--very nice feature. One could be replaced with a Swing beam.

Rafter plates 10"x 11" one piece.

Girts  5"x 7"

Braces and studs  3"x 4"

Rafters  3"x 5" @ 3' centers.

Barn is in good condition and has a very nice balanced 3 bay layout

With 1' plinth block you could have an 9' 6" 1st floor height and still  have an 8' second floor for windows etc. on the side walls.  This would  give you plenty of height for the second floor lofts. We included very  basic  potential conceptual floor plan layout to show you an example of what could be done with this frame.

 The barn is also very straight and true as you can see from the photos of  the whole frame. The studs are also a nice feature and wide enough to  put windows between them. I always think  they add some great detail  and charm to the frame and many frames don't have them.

We could also add a 18"  to 20"  +/- swing beam with arches to this frame. See drawing Swing beam option

This is an excellent barn frame for conversion purposes. 

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15’ X 28’


Beautiful 1 1/2 story timber frame tool shed.Walden's Cabin! 3 bents, 2 bay (14'  each) early barn frame with main posts and beams 8"x 8" hand hewn  timbers, one piece rafter plates in excellent condition. Approx. 4' knee wall on second floor makes it very usable loft space. Would make a  wonderful guest cottage, art studio or assessor building, or perhaps  even an addition to home. Perhaps could be put up just as a tool shed  again as well. More info and photos (without junk)coming soon. Call for more details.


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32’ X 42’


It is a  32' x 42' +/- with very heavy timbers ( 10"x10" plus posts and 10"x 14"  interior tie beams), all hand hewn pine and even most of the  knee braces are hand hewn which is an indication it is a very early  barn. (1859 written on one of the beams)  The two exceptionally large  interior 10"x 14" tie beams are very unusual for barns this size and  will add a stunning look to the entire great room. It also has a  purlin system and very large pole rafters that will allow  the roof system to  pass almost any snow load requirements out here on the east coast.  This is a huge plus. It is in overall excellent condition as well. Click here for more details.


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26’ X 50’

Hand Hewn Pine

Exceptionally large posts and beams  12"x12" hand hewn pine. 4 bay barn with 16"  +/- Swing beam (rare in barns this size). 12" x 12" tie beams and rafter  plates 50" long. 15' plus wall height and we can add 12" plinth blocks to get it to 16' which is plenty for a second story loft(s) or bedrooms.  The  4 bays  are  16', 12', 7', and 15'



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30’ X 42’

Cedar Logs

Hand Hewn Log

Coming Soon!


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32'-1" x 45'-2"


Handhewn white pine

3-bay barn: 19'1" including 2 posts/ 14'1" middle bay, no posts/ 12' including 2 posts

15'-2 ½ " high side wall (16'-2 ½ " with 12" plinth blocks)

Very large timbers for medium size barn: 11"x12" posts and 10"x 12" tie beams

Large purlin system (9"x9" with mortise connections for rafters at purlin. Very rare)

One piece 10"x 12" rafter plates and purlins (45' long)

Predominantly Hand hewn white pine timbers

Full size 3"x 5" rafters @ 3' centers. 


A stunning medium size barn (American Barn) with very large hand hewn timbers that would lend itself to a 1700 to 2000 sq. ft. barn home conversion. The one end bay is 19' long and this could be the second floor open loft (19'x 32') or large enough for two bedrooms with a shared bath. First floor of 1440 sq. ft. is plenty large for Master Bedroom and Bath, kitchen, dining room and very large open great room with a cathedral ceiling. With the addition of 12" plinth blocks under each post the frame could give approx. 8' or 9' of 1st floor height with 8' or 7' high side walls on the second floor lofts. Plenty of room for windows on second floor and with cathedral ceilings in these areas head room is not a problem.

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      26’ x 40’

Handhewn white pine

11"x 12 to 12"x 13" timbers

Pole rafters at 3' centers

3 bays--16', 8', 16'

High side walls: 15'-5" bottom of post to top of rafter plate

40' long 12"x 12" rafter plate

Floor joist for all three bays if desired

It is in overall excellent condition with the exception of several posts bottoms in the front need work and one of the end tie beams needs replaced which we would do with like material.

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     34’-2” x 56’

Handhewn pine


22' bay, 12'door opening, 22' bay.

16' +/- side walls.  Could add 12" plinth blocks to get an extra foot to 17'

Very large timbers:

10"x12" Tie beams

10.5"-11"x 11.5"+ posts

8"x8" purlins

All Hand hewn pine

Steep pitched roof (9/12) and sawn rafters at 28" centers.


The barn is in excellent condition and only has two posts coming down in the interior of the barn which may also be helpful with plans. With the swing beam and a few adaptions the barn could develop into a great barn home of about  2500 to over 3000 sq. ft. of living space and still have between 1/2 to 1/3 of first floor space cathedral ceiling which is ideal.

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24’ x 51’

Handhewn pine

11"x11" +/- posts and tie beams

10"x12" rafter plates

Double tie beams in each bent

3"x 5" sawn rafters @ 33" centers

We could also cut this barn frame down in size to a 24'x34' or 24'x 34'6" if a smaller 2-bay size would work better.  Many options for this great little vintage timber frame.

If you want a really good one for a small cabin or addition this might be the one.


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36’ x 56’

Handhewn pine and hemlock

10” x 10” - 12” posts;
11” x 11” tie beams;
10” x 12” one piece rafter plates 56’ long;
Very high side walls (19’9”)
Very good condition!

Great barn from Canada with extremely high side walls (rare!) that open up many options for floor plans, perhaps even a 3rd floor loft. Very large hand hewn timbers and nice size for a 3000 to 3500 sq. ft. home.


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36’ x 50’, or with 12’ lean to = 48’ x 50’

Heavily timbered 36’ x 50’, with an original 12’ x 50’ lean-to shed addition, for a total footprint of 48’ x 50’. Many options with this configuration. High side walls, purlin system, wonderful hand hewn timber frame. See more inside.

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25'-6” x 36'-2” +/-



2- 18'-1" (+/-) bays. Very nice for loft in half of barn and other half cathedral ceiling

10"x 10" hand hewn posts. Very large timbers for barn this size

Bents have two tie beams with 6'-8" between them

Double girt on long walls with 6"x 8" girts

16'-8" sidewalls--very high sidewalls also for small barn and perfect for full 2nd floor loft.

Full length 8"x10" rafter plates

Approximately 8/12 pitch roof.


Pristine condition.

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30’ x 30’

Hand Hewn Hemlock

3-Bent, 2-bay barn

16' ish side walls

10"x 10" hand hewn hemlock posts and tie beams.

10"x 10" one piece rafter plates.

7"x7" hewn girts

Rafters at 3" centers

Pristine condition. This smaller 30'x30' barn frame would make an excellent starting point for a smaller barn home conversion that would lend itself to approx. a 1500 sq. ft. home if used just by itself, or with some traditional shed additions it could easily be adapted to accommodate a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home of approx. 2100 - 2400 sq. ft. of living space.

This is also one of our most cost effective frames available that  would still make a stunning barn home for an affordable overall cost.


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30’ x 50’

Hand Hewn Pine

5-bent, 4-bay, Hand hewn frame

High side walls - 16'4"

20" Swing Beam

Double tie beams system

Large pine posts and tie beams - 10" x 12"

Swing Beam Bent posts  - 12” x 14”

Two longitudinal 6" x 8" girts

3" x 7" tapered rafters

One piece 10" x 12" rafter plates that are perfect (very rare).


Very clean and pristine barn.

All the great features and bent layout for home conversion purposes.

This frame would lend itself into 2300 sq. ft house, and up to 3500 sq. or more if you add some traditional shed additions to the basic barn.


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46’ x 80’


 46’ x 80 long. 19’ side walls

14”x 14” posts, 12”x 14” tie beams—46’ long time beams

12’ under tie beams

9”x9” purlins that have rafters mortised in them.

4”x 5” +/- sawn rafters

5 bents, 4 bays, approx. 20’ wide each bay

All major timbers hand hewn hemlock and pine


Very large, exceptionally heavily timbered barn frame

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30’ x 50’

All hand hew pine and hemlock with beautiful honey brown patina.

Very nice medium sized (30’x50’) very large timbered hand hewn frame with a 13”x18” swing beam.

Swing bent has 14”x14” posts

12”x12” main posts and 10”x12” tie beams

6”x7” hand hewn girts

Beautiful very large 5”x 6” +/- hand hewn rafters @3’ centers (very rare)

15’-10” high side wall including plate. Could add plinth blocks to get to 16’-10” if desired


This is an excellent frame for home conversion purposes and would lend itself to make a 2000 to 2500 sq. ft home with half to 2/3rds cathedral ceiling. More sq. footage could be added with one or two shed additions.

Overall in good condition.

Probably won’t last long.

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34’ x 53’


3 bay- approx. 20’, 20’ and 13’ middle bay. Nice layout for lofts in end bays

Purlin system with canted queen posts and large pole rafters @ 3’centers. Very attractive and sturdy roof system.

Approx. 15’ 8” side walls and could be made higher with plinth blocks

Hand hewn pine timbers 10”x11” to 10” x 12” posts and tie beams, 8”x8” purlins.

Very good condition

Would make a great 2500- 3000 sq. ft home with half still cathedral space

Nice bay layouts for lofts in end bays.

We have 20” plus swing beam that we will be putting into this frame with arches to make it even better for home conversion. See adaptation drawings under Port Perry Barn link.


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40’ x 56’


3 Bays –21’, 14’, and 21’
Almost 17’ side walls
Large 12”x12” posts and tie beams, hand hewn pine and hemlock
Bents have 4 posts
Purling system and 3”x 6” rafters at 3’ centers
2 classic lifting wheels (slaughter wheels)

This is a great large barn in very good condition. Very clean and straight forward and would lend itself to a 3000- 3500 sq. ft house with no additions and still have cathedral space.


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28’ x 60’ or
can be cut down to
28’ x 37’


Click on the barn name to see more information and photos!

Great shape!

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19’ x 25’

Mixed Species

12’4” side walls. 8’7” first floor to floor. Beautiful ¾ round floor joist (32” centers) mortised into center beam.  Very nice floor joist system. 7”x8” ish posts and plates - nice size for  this size structure. Large ¾ round pole rafters @ 3’ centers


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26’ x 36’


3 bay and  built like a tank. Comparable to the very best barns we find in Canada. It has 11”x11”ish posts, 12”x14” tie beams, 7”x10” rafter plates.


Beautiful Barn!

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30’ x 54.6’


Besides the massive size of all the timbers etc, all the original joist for the loft system are still there and very straight.   


It would lend itself beautifully to a
2200 -2500 sq. ft. home

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