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      Alberta Barn

Alberta Barn 36’ X 60’

Albert barn. 36’x60’ Just in! Extremely stunning larger barn with very large  timbers in excellent shape. Has all the basic features of what I write  about in our link  What Makes a Good Barn€ with the exception of a swing beam which we have a  spare and could incorporate into the frame as well.  Very large hand  hewn timbers (10”x12”€) typical for posts, tie beams and rafter plates, high side walls (16’ 10”€), beautiful canted purlin system for  structural support of roof and stunning appearance, (engineers love  them), 5 bents- 4 bays with 2 drive in bays. Purlin and Rafter Plate  spliced on bent 3.  Everything is straight as an arrow as you can see  from photos.

This would make a great starting point for anywhere from a 3100 sq. ft  home with half loft second floor and half cathedral great room, or  perhaps a 3600 sq. ft home still having a 650 sq. ft cathedral great  room area on one end and extensive second floor. Or perhaps even two  650 sq. ft lofts, one on  each 18’ end bays and leaving the 850 sq.ft. central 2 bays open cathedral great room area--with a catwalk connecting the  two end lofts. Plenty of space for open balconies and loft areas which  really add greatly to the colonial character of these barn home  conversions. If you are looking for somewhat of a larger home but not  huge, this would be a excellent choice. It would also make and  excellent choice for some sort of commercial venture for such things as  wedding venues, conference halls or any other business enterprise where  you wanted the special charm and openness that these barn conversions  bring to the table.  You could also put on one or more tastefully places traditional shed additions to increase the floor space which gives you almost open ended opportunities for creative design possibilities.  Call for more details and talk with Dale to see if this barn might work for you.


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