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      Martin Log Home

Martin Log Home 24’ x 26 ‘

We were lucky enough to find and purchase this very extraordinary 1    story log house that was constructed by a Mennonite family in the area  of Waterloo, Ontario Canada sometime around the mid 1800-1875. One of  the great features of this log home is that it must have had exterior  siding put on originally as the corner notching is in just superb  condition as the photos show. Unfortunately the individuals that took it down did not photograph it or mark it properly so we had to reconstruct it in our yard to see exactly what was there and that is where the  photos are from. Some other great feature of this  log home is we have  the  entire 2nd floor joist system, all the  rafters, approx. one floor of original plank flooring, and a set of box winder stairs  are also included. We are currently documenting what we found in our  reconstruction and will have drawings soon. 

We have done many historic log house in our 45 year career doing this kind of work and this one is a real beauty as far a starting point

We also included a photo of a log house that is one we think is very  similar the Martin log house  that is part of a historical homestead in  Canada called Upper Canadian Village. It is a story and half log home  with a dormer over front to give you more useable room in the second  floor as well looking really great from exterior.  We can build  the  Martin Log House with this adaptation feature if you like. We also  included a photo of Log Mill we did near New Hope, Pa  and a two story  log reconstruction home we did near West Chester, both done about 30  years or so ago. We included these finished log structures to give you  some sense of how charming these early log homes can be

All in all we are very happy with what we found. There is one wall in  the Martin log home that has larger than normal opening that we think  was where it was connected with perhaps the main house or main house was connected to it, as usually these log homes were the first ones to be  built on the property when it was settled.  The Martin Family History   book we have that shows several of the these early Martin homes all  have several  additions but we cannot tell which one is this one. We are  currently researching that. In any case we could fill it in with  other logs or also make very nice small timber- frame addition to it  as well to help maintain  its original heritage and use. 

I think it would be a great structure with lots of history and charm. It  could be repurposed for many uses including addition to existing house,   guest house or art studio, store front or other commercial use, and  also just as the main core of a smaller log home. Just by itself you  have 1250 sq. ft of living space, plenty for a cozy 1 or 2 bedroom home or vacation home or cottage. With a repurposed  timber-frame addition you could easily increase the sq footage up to 2000 sq. ft or any  amount you wanted with a larger addition, say the Wyndham barn frame or  Hillsdale frame, 2 smaller barn frames on our web site that are still  available as of this writing. Lots of possibilities. Feel free to  call to talk with me about this structure.  They don’t come along that  often and this one is a very good one. 


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