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    Binbrook Barn

This is a brand new barn we just secured and it is called the Binbrook  Barn.  It is from  a small town near Hamilton Ontario, called Binbrook.  We get a lot of really good barn frames from this area. Some of the best farm lands in Ontario in this area and consequently some of the best  barns.  It has a massive  22" swing beam and very large mostly 12"x  12" posts and the swing beam posts are 12"x 14" very big-very rare.  Tie beams range from 10"x 12" to 12"x 12".  Rafters are full size 3"x 6"   Side walls are very high  and including the rafter plate are 17'8"  (great height for second floors and lofts). 4 bay--roughly 14', 12',  12' and 16'. All the major timbers are hand hewn pine. The original  loft joist were removed for some reason during its history  (now it is  just a makeshift loft) so they are not included in the sale but we can  provide these if you wanted.

This barn would lend itself to a 2100 to 2500 sq. home just by itself, or  with some nicely places shed additions, you could easily take the sq.  footage up to 3000 -3500 sq. ft. or more.

This barn had an insulated room built in it sometime in its past and there  is a lot of hay in the barn yet, so it is hard to get good complete  interior photos yet, particularly of the Swing beam. . We plan to strip  this and get the hay out so we can get better photos and measurements  so we can do frame drawings.   All the posts and tie beams look to be in excellent condition with the exception of  one small section of the one rafter plate that we will repair, and we will probably  have to tune up a few of the posts bottoms, which we have to do for almost all barns of this early age of approx. 1850- 1875 +/-.. Otherwise, as you can see  from the photos, this barn Is in excellent condition and will clean up  very  well.  This is really another superior barn frame that we get from Canada and is  pretty much as good as they come. If the size is  right for what you need, I would recommend you look this one over. It  probably won't last long on our site.

This barn also has a very large pulley system with shaft that we run into from time to time that is going with  the barn. As you probably know, these were used to get mechanical  advantage to lift heavy objects like wagons etc. when they needed a  crane back in those days. We have had several clients over the years  put these back in the barn in their homes as features. They sit on  wooden bearings on top of the tie beam so it can be moved to another  location that would be better suited if a person desired. Definitely a  conversation piece.Write for more details


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