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    St Lawrence Barn

It is a  32' x 42' +/- with very heavy timbers ( 10"x10" plus posts and 10"x 14"  interior tie beams), all hand hewn pine and even most of the  knee braces are hand hewn which is an indication it is a very early  barn. (1859 written on one of the beams)  The two exceptionally large  interior 10"x 14" tie beams are very unusual for barns this size and  will add a stunning look to the entire great room. It also has a  purlin system and very large pole rafters that will allow  the roof system to  pass almost any snow load requirements out here on the east coast.  This is a huge plus. It is in overall excellent condition as well.

This barn has two additions that were put on it  later which are not part  of the main barn frame so when you look at the photos keep that in mind  so you don't get confused about what you are seeing. Please excuse and  look past the junk.  As with most idle barns, they get filled with it  over the years as "Nature abhors a vacuum

 It is a 3 bay barn--12', 14' (drive in bay) , and 16'. The 12' and 16' end bays were for hay storage areas.  The 16' bay would lend itself to  put a loft or second floor  and then perhaps  leave the other two bays  open for that expansive feeling that you want to see and what barn homes are all about. It has 14' +/-  high side walls which is enough to  height to have a full 8' plus first floor and still have 5' +/- second  floor knee side wall. If  we added 12" ”plinth blocks", as we do with most all of our barn frames now, you could get the side walls to 15'  high.  This is plenty to have a very usable 2nd floor loft with side  windows. Generally speaking, the higher the side walls are the better,  but 15' is adequate to make it all work nicely.  You could also put in  two traditional shed dormers in this bay which would look stunning from the inside and as well as bring in much needed natural light to the  cathedral area and barn space in general. Shed dormers also give the  exterior a more interesting look. With a few adaptations you could also put an elevated catwalk down the  middle of the barn , over the 14' drive in bay,  to the other end (12'  bay) and have an open loft in perhaps just part of this bay as well.  Lots of options with such a great core barn frame this size, including  adding some traditional shed additions  to gain more space on first  floor for typically such spaces as kitchens and dining areas,  master  bedroom and baths,  laundry and mud rooms etc. This is what we discuss  in  more detail in our web site

This is an exceptional small to medium barn frame for home conversion or  other re-purposed uses and these kind of barns  are becoming harder and  harder to find these days. Write for more details.

St Lawrence Barn
St Lawrence Barn
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