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      Scotland Barn

Scotland Barn  30’ x 56 ‘ (option 30’ x 45’) Swing Beam Barn


Scotland barn - 30’x56’ (with option for 30’ x 45’). Great heavy timbered, 4-bay,  swing beam barn with high side walls (17’ +/-). Major timbers are hand  hewn with posts very hefty 10” x 12”, tie beams range from 8”- 10”x12”,  rafter plates 9”x11” and beautiful early pole rafters at 3’ centers.   17’ (exceptionally  high) side walls, provided great height for two full  floors or lofts with ample room for full size windows in each floor. The swing beam in bent 3 is already set at perfect level for an 8™ plus  height from first floor to second floor. If we put the barn up on 12”  plinth blocks, which we recommend, you can increase that to 9’.

This barn is set up so that with very few barn frame modifications, it could be easily converted into 2400 sq. ft home (just by itself) with 720sq.  ft 2nd floor loft for bedrooms, game room etc., and a very  large 960 sq. ft cathedral great room which is one of the signature  features of barn home conversions. If you add a traditional  shed addition (which I am a big fan of) to one or more sides, you  could easily take the sq footage up to 3500 -4000 sq. ft if you wanted a large home. This also helps give the exterior and interior a more  varied and interesting look. Many other options available also.

If this full length barn is too big for what you are looking for, we  are also willing to sell and build this barn as a 3-bay, 3-’ x 45’  barn that would lend itself to a smaller home of say 1800 to 2000 sq. ft with half loft and half cathedral great room, or more if you added  some well-placed shed additions for anything like kitchen, bedrooms, mud room/entry way etc. Many options here too.  Doing some shed additions  using conventional lumbers can still help save money and also give you  some contrasting and more finished styles besides all barn wood. This  can help create a nice balance of rustic and refined which I am also a  big fan of these days, but we understand it is all a matter of taste.

Barn has had a few very nice lap joint historical repairs in its day on one  rafter plates and one or two posts need some work but overall is in very good condition. Post bottoms will all have to be tuned as well which we expect. There are always some repairs necessary on all of these barns  when they get this old. Great barns frames like this are getting harder  and harder to come by these days and this is one of them.

If interested, please write for more information and let me know what your basic plan and ideas you have for its re-purposed use.  Thx,  Dale


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