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Lake Placid Barn.

The Lake Placid Barn would make an excellent cabin or small barn home,  perhaps vacation, art studio,  guest or a retirement home. With just  the barn itself, using both floors, you would have 975 sq. ft of floor  space.  If we left half of first floor cathedral and half loft (which I  would recommend for most uses) you would still have roughly 750 sq. ft  of living space.  If we added one traditional 12’x 25’ shed addition we  would increase the floor space to 1050 sq.ft., and if we added one to  both sides of the main barn, we could increase the total sq. footage to  1350 sq. ft total. That’s plenty of sq. footage for a modest 2 perhaps  even 3 bedroom home if designed properly, and still have all the charm  and soul and openness of the barn home conversion. This would still  give you an open great room cathedral ceiling in one half of the main  barn with a loft that could be used for many uses. As you can see by the Tractor, this barn was used as a barn (Tractor shed) and could be used  for that purpose again as well. (tractor not included ! Ha ha!  

With the addition of a traditional shed  dormer(s) you could make  this  loft area even more spectacular and user friendly. These kind of smaller barns with two shed additions are very stunning looking from the  exterior, very cost effective, and help open the door to a nice balance  of rustic and more finished look on the interior which I am a big fan  of. Barn Shui I call it!

This would be a very economical frame to put up as everything is there,  timber frame, floor joist and rafters with all the joinery complete.

The timbers in this barn are roughly 8”x8” which is still a very nice  size, particularly within the scale and visual background of  a smaller  frame. Smaller timbers tend to look more refined and finished than some  of the massive timbered  barns we get, which of course have their own  extremely stunning look as well. If interested, feel free to call and discuss with me.  Thx,  Dale

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