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      Bethany Barn

Bethany Barn 36’ X 100’

Because of its unusually long length, we are willing to entertain selling this  barn in 2 smaller sections (or even 3 perhaps), if this length is just  too big to work for what you have in mind, but you like the barn  otherwise. 2 or 3 bays of this structure would be perfect for a smaller  cabin or home (or addition) or to use as the core great room of a  larger stick built home. Would love to find an owner who would like to build the entire barn but realize that might be difficult to find.  We  are open to any offers that would in the end allow us to rebuild as much of this fine barn as possible.

It also has many very nice sawn ”sleepers” for any second floor or lofts you would like to put in the barn. These  were trees that were sawn flat on two sides and are very common in barns and add a nice change in looks from all the completely squared timbers.

The entire lower level was whitewashed originally (common in barns) to  protect from insects and lighten it up for livestock which power washes  off easily to get your nice brown look of aged barn beams like you see  on the second floor.  

The floor joist system height can be changed also if you want a higher side wall in upstairs.  We do this quite frequently with barn frames that  second floors are not at the height our clients prefer. The current  height of side walls is 15’ 6” with  a knee wall of 43”  Depending on  your intended repurposed use this might be plenty of head room for what  you want to do.

If you need more height, we can also add one or more shed dormers to your  upstairs rooms to make them completely livable with cathedral ceilings.  Shed dormers also give the exterior and very stunning feature to the  contour of the barn frame.  We could also put this frame up on plinth  blocks which we do  frequently to gain another foot  +/- of  height  in the side  walls that would give you more overall head room  to work with and plenty of room for 2 full floors.

The overall condition of the frame appears to be  very good with the  exception of posts bottoms and a few isolated areas which is typical of these early barns. The upper structure and rafters are as good as they  come. Some of the interior bents have been modified for farming  practices and we are suggesting that they all be built as per our  drawings included here.

Lots of options with a stunning barn frame like this

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