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If you have any other questions, please feel free to call 315-287-2535 or email us!

If you want to send us pictures of your barn, you can either email photos in a small JPEG format to us (only a couple of photos at a time of no more than 60-80 kb each please, to ensure ease in downloading)

Or you can mail them to us at:
Antique Woods & Colonial Restoration, Inc.
770 Peabody Rd.,

Gouverneur, NY 13642


If you have a barn for sale...

We are actively pursuing purchasing barn frames! When we are offered a barn for sale, we ask for photos of interior and exterior as well as dimensions of the building. We look for early structures with hand hewn beams in pristine condition. Please email us as much information about your barn as possible; ie: state where the barn is located, size of the barn frame, size of timbers, posts, hand-hewn or sawn.

Q: How can I find out if my barn is restorable?

A: The best way for us to help you to determine if your barn is restorable would be if you were to send us photos of your barn. We would need exterior shots (taken from one side of the interior of the barn showing the span), including any interior features you may be concerned with. Please also show a shot of the roof from the interior as well.
This way we can review your photos and give you a call to:
a) determine if the barn is restorable;
b) give you a ballpark idea of what it would cost to restore;
c) schedule a consultation with you to determine your barn restoration and/or conversion needs (consultation fee may be taken off price of proposal should you decide to work with our company), including design plans, materials, etc.

Q: What is the price of purchasing a barn based on?

A: The price of purchasing our barn frames is based on Foot Print, not square footage.
The frame includes timber frame, rafters and purlins. It does not include undercarriage (floor joists- if there is a basement or 2nd story loft), siding, roof sheathing, flooring, foundation or delivery. These materials, however, are available to you at an additional cost. In fact, anyone who purchases a barn frame from us, can get additional materials at a discounted rate.

Q: Do you work nationwide?

A: Absolutely! But, please, keep in mind that traveling out of state will be more expensive, this is a result of travel expenses, per diems and hotel accommodation for out of state jobs.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: We provide design, consulting and architectural drawings services.

Q: What is the average price for shipping a barn frame?

A: The price for shipping a barn frame usually ranges from $1000 to $4000, depending on the size of the barn and the destination.

Q: What are the prices for barn home conversions?

A: Prices for barn home conversions will vary from situation to situation, since these conversions are custom designed and built to individual specifications. We strive to design the custom barn home conversion of your dreams, that can be built in a realistic fashion to complement your vision.

Q: What do prices for re-erection depend on?

A: Prices for re-erection will vary due to several factors. It will depend on whether there are any adaptations to the frame, will vary from frame to frame, will depend on the access to the site; foundation factors; local town ordinance requirements/permits/licenses, etc.

Q: I have a barn I would like to get dismantled. What can I do?

A: Antique Woods has been dismantling and "saving" barns for over 30 years. We believe in trying to save an intact frame, rather than taking down a barn for "parts" to resell as building materials. We will oversee the dismantling and removal of your old barn.
If a frame can be "saved" in its original form, it can be re-erected on someone's property as a working barn, a storage barn, a barn/home conversion, a barn/office conversion, etc...
So, please, consider when reading this, asking about dismantling your barn rather than bulldozing it down for parts, or (even worse) burning your barn down!

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