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The following photographs show some of our custom furniture that we design and build from our reclaimed antique lumbers- pumpkin pine, chestnut, cypress and other vintage woods. We have several craftsmen that we work with who are very skilled with working with vintage lumbers and they can create almost any furniture you desire or need for your project, including kitchens and bathroom vanities. The photographs are just the samples and general styles of what we can create.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, email us and we will see if we can build it for you.

Lead time for custom items is 6-8 weeks.

Please call (888) 261-4284 or email for current prices and more information!






Butcher Block Table

Butcher block table

Pine, Oak

Gorgeous, rustic butcher block table consisting of thick, weathered pine boards, finished with tung oil.

Can be crafter to your size or wood type specifications; different choices of finishes.

Farm Table

Farm table


Hand crafter, pegged leg dining room/farm house table.

Can be crafter to your size or wood type specifications; different choices of finishes.

Wooden Bookends

Wooden bookends


Hand crafter chestnut bookends.

Can be crafter in other types of wood.

Chestnut Coat Rack

Chestnut Coat Rack


Beautiful hand crafter coat rack, made of chestnut with club bottom.

Can be made to hang as many coats as you specify.

Slate Message Boards

Slate Message Boards

Reclaimed wood and slate

Made with reclaimed lumber for the frame and reclaimed state - can be used as message board or chalk board. Different sizes available.

Excellent product.

Shaker Wooden Boxes

Shaker Wooden Box

Reclaimed Chestnut

Made with reclaimed chestnut - can be used as message carriers, organizers, display boxes, or a variety of different uses. Different sizes and wood species and finishes available.

Great product.

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