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Mt Elgin 2 Barn  - 38’x56’

Mt Elgin 2 Barn - 38’x56’

The Mt. Elgin 2 barn is  what I would call a superior barn.  If you read  thru my link on our web site  What Makes a Good Barn,  Barn Home Conversions (  you will see that this barn qualifies for the majority of the   characteristics  that I think are important in choosing a great barn  for barn home conversion purposes. Chief amongst these would be  it is  in excellent condition,  great color,  it has very high side walls  (17’),  very large timbers  (10”x10” posts and 10”x 12” tie breams),  a  stunning canted purlin system and very rare 5-side ridge beam. It also  has more than enough knee braces for structural strength  ( we can  remove some as need for windows)  and visual appeal, and  nice mix of   predominantly squared timbers with pole rafters and a few girts  that I  think adds some interesting texture mix. This also generally indicates  an earlier barn. The only  additional  element that is missing is a swing beam and we have some have some spares if you would like to put one in, although this frame is very stunning as is and I think it could carry  its own weight without the addition of a swing beam

It has nice size bays of roughly 14’ and the interior bents all have 2  posts that are to help support the weight of the entire roof system that are evenly   spaces as well, creating a nice balance and plenty of space on the exterior  for separate rooms and work around these posts.  It is a very balanced and nicely spaced main posts to provide you with many  options for creative floor plan designs with a minimum of frame  adaptations.  The 17’ high side walls offers plenty of room for 2 full  stories and lofts as desired with wall height.

For example you could do entire first floor of 2126 sq. ft with large open  cathedral  great room, kitchen/dining area, master bedroom/bath etc, and then  second floor on 2 bays for roughly  1064 sq.ft. for more bedrooms etc, and a smaller open 114’x20’ (280 s.f.)  loft in one of the other 4  bays for total of roughly 3500 sq. ft of living space. If you wanted more sq. footage you could also add a traditional shed addition to one  or both sides.  A barn this size has many options as the core of a very  large home or business  depending on  your vision.  If you are looking  for a large barn frame for  any repurposed use, I would highly recommend you look closely at this one.  Call or write for more information and   pricing.  Thx,  Dale

Mt Elgin 2 Barn
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